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Fighting with such strength

So many complaints from people, about insignificant stuff. One cries about a rip in their shoe. Another argues about a FB friend posting tasteless things. Then someone does it. They go and say they don't want to be alive because their boyfrienbd broke up with them. And then there's the young teen fighting for her life. Fighting with such strength. She stands joyful and faightful to her God, believing she will be healed. Never losing hope. She inspires every single person who meets her.

She deserves a cure.

Sabina sent you a prayer.
Sabina, Sabina sent you a hug.
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I know what you mean and wholeheartedly agree. I think that we all tend to lose a higher sense of perspective - especially in the midst of self-pity. My dad's battle with cancer really blessed me with a humbling view on how trivial we can be.

(Hugs to you and your loved one.)
Right on. Check out this brave girl:
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October 25, 2014

United States

January 1, 1967

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Brain Cancer


January 7, 2014

Stage 1



It's existence

You're stronger than you think



extreme headache, inability to walk without falling over & slurred speech

tremors in hands, arms and legs

brain damage, vision change and partial hearling loss Needing money for her family to move to a state that offers insurance & every alternative treatment available


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